Lake Paron

Tour by Car & Easy Hiking

Laguna Paron is a bright blue lake surrounded by spectacular snowcapped peaks, with the magnificent Piramide 5885m being situated directly at the head of the lake. It is one of the few lakes that are accessible by vehicle. First we drive 67 km to the small town of Caraz and then from Caraz a further 32km on a dirt and poorly maintained road to the lake. (around 3 hours drive each way) The drive to the lake is through a spectacular canyon with 1000m high granite walls. Once at the lake, you can take a hike along a path around the side of the lake. Allow a long day out

Departs Huaraz 06:30
Return Huaraz 18:00

Huaraz altitude = 3070m
Hike starts at 4200m (reached by driving)
Maximum altitude reached hiking = 4250m

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