Lake Churup

Duration: 6-hour hike roundtrip
Difficulty: Moderate (physically strenuous over semi-rugged terrain)

A classic acclimatization hike that will help your body get used to physical exertion at high-altitude, the Churup trailhead is a 1-hour drive from Huaraz to the rural hamlet of Pitec (3,850 masl), right outside the entrance of the Quillcayhuanca Valley. From the trailhead, continue on a steady ascent for ~3 hours until reaching a picturesque glacial lake (4,400 masl) at the base of a snow-capped peak of the same name. The ascent includes a couple of scrambles where steel cables have been installed to assist hikers with footing, especially in sections where rocks get slippery in the rain. With spectacular views and a close proximity to Huaraz, the Churup Day Hike is highly recommended as a warm-up activity for trekkers and climbers before embarking on high-altitude adventures.

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