Day Hikes and Tours

There are many interesting day bus tour and day hike options available around the Huaraz area.  Places such as Llanganuco Lakes, Ruins of Chavin the Huantar, Pastoruri Glacier, Lake 69 walk, Llaca Valley and Glacier hike and Lake Churup walk are all easily accessible from Morales Hotel.

Huaraz is also the departure point for tours to see the Ruins of Chavin de Huantar, the center of a cultural and artistic revolution in Peru that took place between 600 and 300 B.C. Museums in Huaraz contain many fine examples of Chavin sculpture and older Cupinisque pottery.

Archeological Sites, within walking distance of Huaraz is the Wari ruin of Wilcahuaín, it is a small Wari ruin that dates back to 600 to 900 AD. This temple complex is virtually undamaged, providing a unique opportunity to see a complete pre-Columbian building in Peru. It is an imitation of the temple at Chavín, in the Tiahuanaco style. Wilcahuaín is a Quechua word which means ‘grandson’s house’. The ruin was originally filled with mummies who were kept dry by using a sophisticated ventilation system. It is not only interesting in itself but can be visited on a great acclimatization hike that leaves right from town.

Puya Raimondi is the biggest pineapple plants of the world. They bloom once every 50-75 years for 9 months with 8.000-10.000 inches and flower heights of up to 10m, then they die. They grow at altitudes between 3500 and 4700m.

The Museo Regional de Ancash, houses the largest collection of ancient stone sculptures in South America. It gives information about all the cultures that have inhabited the Cordillera Blanca area. It is small but interesting, it has a few mummies, some trepanned skulls (an ancient form of surgery involving cutting into the skull) and a garden of stone monoliths from the Recuay culture (400 BC to AD 600) and the Wari culture (AD 600 to 1000). A pottery collection, textiles, and metal works cover the Wari, Chimú, and Inca cultures.

At the Plaza de Armas there is an Artesania Market with a broad offer of nice souvenirs, bags, jewelry and clothing. Definitely worth a visit. Furthermore there are some nice shops on the Av. Luzuriaga as well. The big market with food and a lot of small shops selling everything you can think of is situated at a street which goes parallel to the Av. Luzuriaga.

Jirón José de Olaya, is the only street that remained intact through Huaraz various earthquakes. It gives a good indication of what the town once looked like. On Sundays there is a street market where the local population sells regional foods. Sit down at one of the little “restaurants” and enjoy your Picante de Cuy or Pachamanca.


Wilcacocha Like

A pleasant and easy hike to start with views of the Cordillera Blanca mountains. We start Huaraz in the morning in our private taxi and drive for 35 minutes up

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Llaca lake

On the Llaca Valley we hike to the face of the glacier coming from the enormous mountain Ranrapalca (6162m). This is an easier option for a day hike,

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Churup lake

Hike the lake churup passing through the attractive farming settlements of Unchus & Llupa. From Pitec a steady climb to Laguna Churup 4440m, a beautiful turquoise lake

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Lake 69

Laguna 69 is a beautiful mountain high lake nestled right under the mountains located in the Huascaran National Park, first passing by the famous beautiful twin LLanganuco Lakes

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Paron lake

Paron Lake is a bright blue lake surrounded by spectacular snowcapped peaks, with the magnificent Piramide 5885m being situated directly at the head of the lake

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Quillqueyhuanca Valley

The quillqueyhuanca trail is almost flat and there are great views of the mountains and spectacular vertical rock walls. Sometimes we have seen condors in the valley

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Llanganuco Lakes & Portachuelo Pass

The famous twin crystal blue lakes of Llanganuco (named Chinancocha & Urconcocha). From the lakes see the huge peaks of Huascaran, Huandoy, both towering over 6000m

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