Climbing Pisco 3 or 4 Days

Timing: 4 days
Grade: Medium / hard
An achievable climb for both inexperienced climbers ready for a challenge and for experienced climbers alike. Pisco is also a superb preparation climb for those tackling the big peaks. From the summit feel like you are ‘on top of the world’.

Day 1: Drive from Huaraz to Cebollapampa in Llanganuco Valley 3850m. Climb on a good path to Pisco Base Camp. 4650m 2½ hours

Day 2: Climb over moraine rocks to Morena Camp. 4900m 3 hours

Day 3: 40 minutes climb on moraine to the glacier, then on the snow for about 4 to 5 hours to the summit. Return to Base Camp mid afternoon. About 10 to 12 hours total for the day.

Day 4: An easy descent down to the road atCebollapmpa 1½ hours and return to Huaraz in our private van.

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